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Modern workshop concepts for forward looking car dealerships

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In future the car garages will earn their money only with service work. That means that the workshop and the employees become more and more important. autop comes up to this new development with a modern but experienced workshop concept. more info.
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Workshop concept
All garage areas - such as check-in, repair and maintenance, body repair, car washing, MOT, testing and reception - need different kinds of lifting technology and garage equipments. autop offers a proven concept.
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autop is a competent manufacturer of hydraulic inground lifts as well as a supplier of any kind of garage equipment. Please choose the lifts you need from our wide product range.
05.03. - 15.03.2015
Autosalon Genf 2015 (Switzerland / Geneva)

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Active protection of the environment in your car dealership!

Use the autop standards for your garage and our environment:

autop lifts
  • autop lifts with BIO- oil ( non hazardous to water )
  • only a little quantity of hydraulic oil per lift
  • steel cassettes with tightness certificate
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